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If you’re missing all or some of your teeth, dentures in NYC are an affordable and customizable option to replace your teeth and restore your dental function. At her private dental practice in New York City, Dr. Jessica A. Pandich provides a variety of full and partial denture options for patients who live or work in Midtown Manhattan near Bryant Park and Grand Central. Call Dr. Pandich or schedule a consultation online today to discover how they can restore your smile.

Are there different types of dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic teeth that fit over your gums. There are several different types of dentures in Manhattan, all of which provide different benefits. Conventional ones are full dental devices used to replace all of the patient’s teeth. They’re custom-made to fit your mouth precisely.

Dr. Pandich also provides immediate, same day dentures in NYC. The day your teeth are extracted she will deliver them so you don’t have to go without teeth. You can use immediate ones as a stopgap while permanent dentures are custom-made, or you can continue to use the immediate ones and have the fit adjusted as your gums and jaw recover from your extractions.

Dr. Pandich might recommend a partial denture when you still have some of your natural teeth. A partial denture will replace your missing teeth and fit over your remaining teeth to restore the patient’s smile.

An overdenture is a denture that snaps onto implants when all of a patient’s missing teeth can not be replaced with implants due to their anatomy. They are very stable and only require a few implants.

What are the benefits of dentures over other tooth replacement options?

They are the most affordable option for prosthetic teeth. They also restore your natural face shape and improve your ability to talk, bite, and chew. Modern ones also look very realistic and can restore your smile. With a little practice, they are fairly easy to get used to wearing. Dr. Pandich provides customized instructions, but if you read aloud or sing along to your favorite songs, you’ll get used to the way they feel and be able to talk normally quickly. 

How should I take care of my dentures?

You also need to remove and rinse them after every meal or snack. At night, you remove and brush them with a special nonabrasive cleansing paste and soak them overnight to disinfect and keep them moist.

With proper care, they can last for many years. You should have regular appointments with Dr. Pandich to monitor your overall oral health and check the fit of your dentures. If you ever notice that they rub on your gums and cause a sore spot, make an appointment right away to have them adjusted.



Will dentures change my appearance?

When fitted correctly, they can support your lips and enhance your appearance. Your appearance can be affected in a negative way if they are poorly fitted or the wrong size for your mouth. The biggest complaint with poorly fitted dentures is sagging in the face. This can occur when they don’t provide the structural support that was lost from missing teeth and bone resorption. Dr. Pandich will replace the missing structures in your denture to fill out your lips providing you with a beautiful smile. Another problem that can occur is if they are too big. This can result in a puffy, swollen appearance.  You don’t have to experience any of these problems. Dentures made by Dr. Pandich are custom-fitted to your mouth to ensure a snug fit and help contribute towards a rejuvenated look. 

Will dentures fix my overbite?

While it is normal to have a slight overbite, an overbite can cause problems if it gets too big. It can cause excessive rubbing between your teeth contributing to excessive wear and damage.

They can be designed to reduce the size of an overbite. The angle of the teeth can be adjusted so that the teeth come together closer than they have done before. However, these are limited in what they can do. They have to fit on the ridge of your lower or upper jaw. Therefore, if the jaw was out of line then your denture will be to some extent too. Most are happy with the corrections that these can offer but if you would like to see a greater change, dental implants may be a better option.

Why are dentures good?

There are many advantages to using them. One such advantage is cosmetic – they help to restore your smile, in turn, also boosting your self-confidence. They also provide structure for your mouth, supporting facial tissue around the cheeks and lips. Additionally, they can help you maintain a balanced diet by allowing you to continue chewing foods that you wouldn’t be able to with missing teeth. Finally, they are a cost-effective solution to replace teeth that have serious decay. 

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