Porcelain Onlays

If you have a cavity, you could consider porcelain onlays as an alternative to traditional composite or tooth colored fillings. At her private practice in Midtown Manhattan, Jessica Pandich, DDS offers custom porcelain onlays as an option to patients from throughout New York City who require restorative care and want a natural-looking filling option. Call Dr. Pandich today or schedule an appointment online for an expert exam and dental treatments including porcelain onlays.

What are porcelain onlays?

Porcelain onlays are restorative options for patients who have developed tooth decay or who want to replace their metal fillings with a more aesthetically pleasing option. In the past, dentists primarily used amalgam fillings to seal off the decayed portion of the tooth in an effort to prevent further damage. However, advanced in dental technology and materials have created safer, more effective, and more attractive options. Porcelain onlays are custom created porcelain fillings that serve the same basic purpose as traditional metal fillings, but without causing additional damage to the structure of the tooth.

How are porcelain onlays created?

Dr. Pandich can install a porcelain onlay in just one or two appointments. During your first visit, Dr. Pandich removes your existing metal fillings and any other areas of decay present on your tooth. She takes photos of your treated teeth and makes a soft molded impression. Then, Dr. Pandich sends the photos and the impression of your tooth or teeth to a dental lab where your onlay is created to fit your tooth precisely. During the second visit, Dr. Pandich carefully bonds the custom onlay onto your tooth. She carefully checks your bite — the way your teeth come together when you close your mouth — and polishes the onlay until it shines like a natural tooth.

What are the advantages of porcelain onlays?

There are several reasons why you might choose porcelain onlays. For example, many patients seek porcelain onlays because they’re nearly invisible and provide a natural looking restoration. The dental lab custom tints the porcelain to almost perfectly match your natural teeth. In fact, porcelain onlays are virtually invisible once in place. Another valuable benefit of porcelain onlays is that they don’t shrink or change shape over time. They effectively seal off the damaged part of your tooth providing long lasting protection. Also, unlike metal fillings which can sometimes lead to further dental damage like cracks, porcelain onlays won’t hurt your teeth.

If you’re concerned about dental decay, want to replace your metal fillings, or are due for a dental exam, call Dr. Pandich or make an appointment online today.